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ZAO STC "Vladipor", a subsidiary company of "Polymersintez", was set up in 1998 on the basis of scientific departments & pilot-commercial production facilities of OAO "Polymersintez" (untill 1992 known as NPO "Polymersintez") engaged in the development of membrane products for the period of over 35 years. NPO "Polymersintez" used to be the leading organization within the Interbranch scientific-technical complex (ISTC) "Membranes" & coordinated all R &D work performed in the country in the field of polymeric membranes & membrane processes.

Over the period of the activity of ISTC "Membrane" set up in 1985 in compliance with the decision of the Government a tremendous growth was observed in the country with respect to scientific-research activities & setting up facilities for the production of polymeric membranes & filtering elements on their basis, as well as the expansion of applications of membrane processes for separating liquid & gaseous mixtures, primarily this can be referred to microelectronics, biotechnology, food industry, pharmaceuticals, etc.

OAO "Polymersintez" held three All-Union scientific conferences devoted to membrane methods of separating mixtures, the International symposium on membranes designed for gas- & vapor separation. The Institute took an active part in domestic & International congresses, symposia, conferences, presented its developments & achievements at the domestic & International exhibitions & trade fairs. ZAO STC "Vladipor" participates in the development and realization of a series of all-Russian and regional programs in the field of ecology, gas separation and water preparation as well as in international projects in the field of membrane technologies.

Currently ZAO STC "Vladipor" is stuffed with a R & D department composed of four scientific labs & a shop with pilot-commercial & pilot plants designed for performing pilot testing & producing membrane products based on proprietary scientific-technical developments.

ZAO STC "Vladipor" is the owner of the laboratory building having the area of 7464,2 m2 & the shop equipped with pilot-commercial & pilot plants having the area of 5593,8m2. At present ZAO STC "Vladipor" is staffed with highly qualified experts including 1 Dr. Sci., 12 cand. Sci., 4 are prize winners in the field of science & engineering granted by the Government of the Russian Federation. 2 competitors are ready to defend their theses.

ZAO STC "Vladipor maintains cooperation with the scientists of the academic & educational Institutes, scientific centers & a number of branch organizations involved in R & D in the area of membranes & membrane processes.

Scientists of ZAO STC "Vladipor are the authors of over 150 certificates for inventions, 12 patents (including 3 patented abroad), they published two monographs (one of them was published abroad), over 500 articles including those published in domestic & International academic & branch journals, proceedings of the congresses, conferences, symposia devoted to membranes.

ZAO STC "Vladipor staff takes an active part in arranging & holding domestic & International conferences & symposia being members of organizational committees of over 20 events of this type. The scientific personnel of ZAO STC "Vladipor" is engaged in the scientific -informational activities being the member of the Membrane Society & the Russian Membrane Club.

The scientific-technical Council functions in ZAO STC "Vladipor , the Council exercises control in the scientific-technical field; it is staffed with the leading scientists in the area of membranes & membrane processes of academic & branch Institutes alongside with the experts of ZAO STC "Vladipor".

ZAO STC "Vladipor" produces on request the following types of membranes and elements:
  • Polymeric memebranes (reverse osmosis, nanofiltration, ultrafiltration, microfiltration, gas separation, pervaporation) based on polyamides, fluroplasts, cellulose acetates and other polymers;
  • Based on the above membranes, spiral-wound & cartridge filtering elements of various length (250, 350, 475, 500, 750, 950, 1016 and 2000 mm) and diameter, tubular membrane modules, devices for vacuum filtration.

Application of membranes and elements:
  • Water softening & treatment of surface water in order to remove low-molecular substances;
  • Concentration & treatment of salt solutions;
  • Concentration & treatment of milk raw materials & biopreparations;
  • Production of apyrogenic water;
  • Treatment, filtration & analysis of purity of washing & process fluids in precise instrumentation;
  • Disinfecting filtration of water;
  • Separation of gas mixtures;
  • Water quality control;
  • Oils quality control;
  • Working fluids control in hydraulic and fuel systems.